Daily Practice:

Prayer (5 minutes):

  • Open your heart to God’s incredible power.
  • Thank Him for a new work week and new opportunities to demonstrate His love.
  • Ask Him to remind you of His work in your life in the past, and trust Him with the dreams and obstacles you fear ahead.

Scripture (5 minutes): John 5:30-47 (ESV)

Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate on the phrase below. Repeat it 3x out loud.

Everyday, we’re faced with opportunities to believe the supernatural, or to fear the practical.

When Jesus asks Philip how they’re going to feed the people, He already knows the answer. Yet, He asks Philip to see where His mind goes/how Philip processes the obstacle at hand. Philip’s mind goes to the practical (as most of ours would), and he recognizes they don’t have the money needed for the food.

Jesus had other plans.

Jesus demonstrates His overwhelming power and wisdom in such simplicity. He allows the disciples to face impossible scenarios, all the while knowing how He would address it. He chooses to make them trust Him fully before providing the fix.

Before He fixes the problem, however, the Bible notes that He told the people to sit down. Then it states He fed all of those “who were seated.” Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it note worthy that Jesus only fed those who followed His instruction and trusted Him to provide?

Sitting and waiting in the face of the odds is the last thing I’m interested in doing on this Monday. Yet, God’s clearly called His people to walk by faith instead of by sight, and to humble ourselves before His incredible power.

So, that’s my prayer today. Trust Him. Happy Monday!

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