Daily Practice:

Prayer (5 minutes):

  • Praise God for His love and power in our lives
  • Ask Him to bring to mind areas of your life that He wants to change
  • Praise Him for defending His purpose and will for your life at all costs

Scripture (5 minutes): John 7:25-52

Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate on the phrase below. Repeat it 3x out loud.

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’

So Jesus shows up at the festival, and all the officials go nuts.

His presence was so controversial that the people wondered how He was allowed to walk around without getting arrested or mugged. Twitter would’ve exploded.

The crazy thing is how Jesus responds. The controversy and danger only seem to propel Him forward. In fact, on the last day when the entire crowd was celebrating – Jesus gets up and gives the Gospel. The very message all of the officials were trying to contain.

I would’ve loved to see those Pharisees’ faces.

He presents the Gospel and gives all of His followers something to cling to. He reminds them of the “living water” that will flow from their souls. He’s talking about the Holy Spirit. To be honest, it can be easy for me to forget that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. But, it’s moments like these when I realize just how important our relationship with the Spirit is.

Jesus stood up in a crowd full of people wanting to kill Him to remind His followers of the power they have in the Holy Spirit. He wanted to ensure we knew that we’re equipped to go forth and serve Him. We’re literally strengthened, guided, and empowered by God on a moment to moment basis. Emmanuel-God is with us.

So, we have no reason to fear. We have no reason to doubt or to question God’s power. We have no reason to feel uncomfortable in what God has for our lives. He’s given us Himself to walk day in and day out with us every step of the way.

Be encouraged and walk with Him today!

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