M2 : Day Six

Daily Practice:

Silence (5 minutes):

      • Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes of silence; sit with the Spirit and welcome Him into your week.
      • At the end of the 5 minutes, pray that God would open your heart to His Word and working this week.

Scripture (5 minutes)John 9:35-41

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate and pray through the thoughts below + anything that stuck out to you from the passage above.

  • The man who has been healed is downtrodden, cast out, and likely depressed the first time he meets Jesus. He’s been rejected by all who know him – including his parents – all for defending a Savior he doesn’t really know. Then Jesus shows up.
    • Meditate  on the circumstances God has put you in, and clearly list off the various opportunities he has provided for you to demonstrate faith. Submit them to Him, and ask Him to show up as He did in the passage.
  • Jesus spends time with the man and explains why He came to save. Can you imagine what this would be like? How insane would it be to meet Jesus in the flesh? All who are believers will … soon.
    • Thank God for His salvation and for His love. Ask Him to remind you of His presence and of our coming reunion when He returns.


  • When The Haters come, Jesus puts them in their place and defends the innocent and faithful.
    • Trust in God’s timing to rescue and heal you. Submit your worries to Him this morning. Ask Him to intervene and shut out The Haters in your life.

It’s a great Monday to serve Him! Have a great day!

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