M2: Day Ten

Daily Practice:

Silence (8 minutes):

      • Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Thank God your body is working & note how He supports your every breath
      • Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes of silence; sit with the Spirit and welcome Him into your day
      • At the end of the 5 minutes, thank God that He reigns over every detail of you, and is deeply invested in your life

Scripture (5 minutes)John 11:17-27

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate and pray through the thoughts below + anything that stuck out to you from the passage above.

  • Martha had complete faith that Jesus could revive her brother.
    • Meditate on your own faith. How real do you believe Jesus is? Do you trust Him & believe He will move based on your prayers and relationship?
  • Martha’s faith and life were directly informed by her knowledge of the Scriptures. She knew the dead would rise, and believed.
    • Evaluate your own life and the time you spend in the Scriptures. Do you let your study of the Word inform how your live practically?
  • Jesus is the resurrection and the life! How beautiful is this. The events/sickness/death facing us everyday are not overwhelming for Him, or too much to bear. He holds all in His hands.
    • Submit once again the obstacles, circumstances, and fears you’re holding over to the Spirit. Pray specifically that He will show you grace and and ask Him to overcome the world of pain in front of you.

Jesus is the life! Enjoy Him today. Happy Friday 🙂

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