M2: Day Fourteen

Daily Practice:

God Morning!!
Silence (8 minutes):

      • Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Don’t pray. Just breathe in and out. Focus on keep your breathing regular.
      • At the end of the 5 minutes, confess any sin that comes to mind and welcome the Spirit into your time of meeting with Him.
      • Ask the Spirit to open your mind and heart to the Word this morning.

Scripture (5 minutes)John 12: 1-19

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate and pray through the examples of selfish concern below. Repent of vanity in your life, and submit yourself to God’s glory today.

  • Judas feigned concern for the poor to benefit his wallet. He ignores the glory of Jesus and those worshipping Him because he’s only focused on himself.
    • Evaluate your worries and concerns today. Are they in line with God’s kingdom, who He is, and what He’s done for us? If not, repent and leave them at the cross.
  • The haters were angry that crowds followed Jesus because they could lose their political stature.
    • Ask God to reveal whether the agendas you concern yourself with are rooted in humility and love for His kingdom, or in self-concern. Commit to spend time and energy on those agendas that serve Him.
  • The haters grow bitter and even angrier as time goes on and the crowd grows more mainstream. They felt they were “losing.”
    • Pray that God would do his work in, around, and through your life. Offer God to take away your personal “wins” in order to grow His kingdom. Give Him everything and know He loves and will bless you.

Have a blessed Tuesday. Praying for all of you today!

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