M2: Day Nineteen

Daily Practice:
Silence (8 minutes):

      • Pray for the Spirit of Truth to open your soul and your mind to His word today.

Scripture (5 minutes)John 14:1-14

Meditation (5 minutes): Meditate and pray through Jesus’ perfect example of love and service. Thank Him for his unselfish care for you.

  • Jesus didn’t ask for our death, or even our occupations in life. He only asked that we believe in God, and in Him.
    • Worship Jesus for His perfect love and sacrifice. Submit your life and work to Him. Offer Him your love and service today.
  • He is the THE WAY in life, and to the father. Even though He’s not physically on earth, He remains alive and interceding for us.
    • Submit your life to Jesus this morning. Ask Him to intercede with the Father on your behalf, and to guide your journey on earth.
  • Whoever believes in Him will do “greater works than these.”
    • Pray that God would use your life for His glory. Believe and ask Him to solidify your faith that He will do great and impossible things through your simple faith.

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