M2: Day Twenty

Daily Practice:
Silence (5 minutes):

      • Repent for any sin or barrier between you and God
      • Open your hands to God, and submit your self to Him
      • Ask the Spirit to speak to you during your time in the Word

Scripture (5 minutes)John 14:15-31

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Read the passage and pray through any points the Spirit lays on your heart

  • Jesus tells us to demonstrate our love through obedience.
    • Ask the Spirit to identify areas in your life that do not align with The Way He has called us to live. It may be helpful to ask brothers & sisters who you can trust any areas they perceive as out of line with The Way.
  • Jesus has given us the Spirit of truth. We’ll never be alone. Because He lives, we live as well.
    • Remember who you are in the Father. Invite the Spirit to work in and through your life. Praise God for your eternal work, worship, and life in Him.
  • The Spirit brings peace not found anywhere else in this world.
    • Pray that God would quiet your soul and give you peace in this life as you faithfully walk with Him and live by His Word.



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