M2: Day Twenty-One

Daily Practice:
Silence (5 minutes):

      • Open your mind to Jesus, submit your day to His will.

Scripture (5 minutes)John 15:1-11

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Read the passage and pray through any points the Spirit lays on your heart

  • We bear fruit by walking with Jesus – actually bearing fruit is the sign of a believer.
    • Thank God for his work in your life and the growth you’ve seen as a believer. If you struggle to think of areas of growth, ask God to cultivate the areas He wants to develop in you as you walk with Him.
  • As we walk with Him, our requests are in line with truth and He will do what we ask in faith.
    • Submit your requests to the Father and ask Him for His guidance in your day to day decision making. Ask the Spirit of Truth to guide your thinking and to grow you in The Way.
  • Abiding in His love looks like keeping His commandments.
    • Trust God with your motives, dreams, and actions you need to perform today. Ask Him to drive your behaviors, and trust Him with the results.

Happy Tuesday!

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