M2: Day Twenty-Three

Daily Practice:
Silence (5 minutes):

      • Open your mind to Jesus, submit your day to His will.
      • Ask God to give you the peace only He can provide
      • Thank God for providing the Holy Spirit of Truth to walk with us

Scripture (5 minutes)John 15:12-17

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Read the passage and meditate on this thought: “What would it look like, if for the sake of the Gospel, I was willing to lay down my life, work, time, money, joy, reputation, job, etc. for my friends?” 

  • Jesus has called us to love one another that our joy may be full.
    • Repent for the areas of selfishness in your life that have kept you from loving those around you.
  • We are friends and partners with Jesus for the sake of the Gospel.
    • Thank God for inviting us to work with Him for His glory. Offer yourself to Him.
  • We are called to go and bear fruit of Jesus’ love in our lives.
    • Ask the Spirit to open your eyes and your heart to areas He is working on within your life. Ask Him to walk with you, and to inform your desires.
    • Ask the Father to bless your obedience and to give you direction and peace.

Grace and Peace!

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