M3: Day One

Daily Practice:
Silence (5 minutes):

      • Ask the Spirit to open your mind and heart to the Word this morning.

Scripture (5 minutes)John 16:1-15

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Submit yourself and your relationships to God today. Ask Him to use our lives in conjunction with His Spirit for His glory.

  • The World and all its Haters will push you out and may try to hurt you when you practice The Way.
    • Praise God for reaching your heart and calling you to Himself. Ask Him to give you the courage and the relationship with the Spirit to navigate the world as we live in it today.
  • The Spirit of Truth is our companion and our guide until Jesus returns
    • Ask the Spirit to keep your heart believing in Jesus, and convict you of sin in your life
    • Praise God for giving us the Spirit to remind us of The Way and to guid our hearts towards righteousness
    • Submit Yourself to the Spirit’s judgement and work in your life. Allow Him to develop a sense of judgement in you, as you walk through life today.

Praise Jesus for His work, the Father for His love, and the Spirit for His care. We are blessed and loved today!

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