M3: Day Two

Daily Practice:
Silence (5 minutes):

      • Submit your fears, failures, hopes, and dreams to the Spirit
      • Ask the Spirit to meet with you and to speak to your soul

Scripture (5 minutes)John 16:16-35

Prayer & Meditation (5 minutes): Thank Jesus for the hope of things we can’t see but know are to come. Ask Him to protect your heart while you wait

  • Like a mother in childbirth, our time of pain is inevitable. But, when we see Jesus the grief will turn into joy.
    • Praise God for giving us a hope to come while we wait. Ask Him to make the reality of the Gospel true in your heart. Pray for opportunities to demonstrate the love of the Gospel to others.
  • Whatever we ask of the Father, he will give that our joy may be full.
    • As you walk with Jesus keep your heart and soul sensitive to what He is guiding you towards. Whatever He prompts you to do is possible as you walk with Him.
  • God provides us with peace unavailable elsewhere.
    • Take heart. Jesus has overcome the world and all of the evil that exists within it. He beat death. We can walk in peace and confidence knowing He’ll return to reign in peace one day.

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