M3: Day Three

Daily Practice:
Silence & Prayer:

      • Thank Jesus for walking with you. Give Him your desires today.
      • Be Quiet for 2 minutes. Invite the Spirit to meet with you.
      • Pray that the Spirit would open your heart to His word.

ScriptureJohn 17

Meditate & Pray on key parts of the Scripture that resonated with your soul (5 minutes):

  • Jesus is our high priest.
    • Praise Jesus for praying for you and with you every day as you wrestle and pray for His will in your life. He is our advocate, and just as He came to earth, He is now praying on our behalf for the Father and Spirit to keep us from evil.
  • He prays that we would be kept in His name, and that we would be one.
    • Ask the Spirit to move your heart toward unity in Jesus with your brothers and sisters. Spend a moment thinking of ways to live in community with other believers.
  • Jesus doesn’t pray we’ll be taken out of the world or isolated from its trials. He prays the Spirit would protect us as we live for His glory.
    • Commit Yourself to His cause. Jesus will overcome the world, but He has placed you in it to love and to pour out yourself as you live out His story. Ask Him for strength and grace to love well today.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the Weekend!



2 thoughts on “M3: Day Three

  1. Hello – I have not received the daily Bible Meditations e-mail all week. I enjoy reading them so I would like to continue to get them,

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Mark!

      Apologies. Been a crazy week, but will be back tomorrow and catch up over the weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.

      – AV


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