M3: Day Four

Daily Practice:
Silence & Prayer:

      • Thank Jesus for walking with you, and giving you strength for the call He has on your life
      • Be Quiet for 2 minutes. Invite the Spirit to meet with you.
      • Pray that the Spirit would open your heart to His word.

ScriptureJohn 18

Meditate & Pray on key parts of the Scripture that resonated with your soul (5 minutes):

  • Jesus’ personal priorities/feelings did not affect how he behaved at this critical point in His life.
    • Praise Jesus for prioritizing His mission to save over His comfort or well-being. His call was to save those who intended to harm Him. He did so with humility and love.
  • Jesus stands without apology before those who accused Him. He does not pander. He holds to the truth and testifies the Gospel even in front of those who can do Him harm.
    • Ask the Spirit to give you courage and faith when confronted with the option to stand for the Gospel or flee from danger. Pray the Spirit would walk with you today.
  • Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. He came here to live, to testify, to sacrifice His life for our sins. His actions were done to bring His true kingdom to bear on earth as it is in heaven.
    • Accept His Love and remember His sacrifice for you. Understand it is only through His sacrifice that your sins are redeemed. Accept His forgiveness and salvation!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the Weekend!

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