M3: Day Thirteen

Daily Practice:
Silence & Prayer:

      • Thank Jesus for His patience and loving kindness.
      • Be Quiet for 2 minutes. Invite the Spirit to meet with you.
      • Pray that the Spirit would open your heart to His Word.

Read the Scripture Slowly. Remember Christ’s SacrificeJohn 19

Meditate & Pray on key parts of the Scripture that resonated with your soul (5 minutes):

  • From the garden, to standing before Pilate, to ensuring His mom was taken care of while on the cross, Jesus was in full control during the entire crucifixion, and he chose to die for our sin.
    • Praise Jesus for sacrificing Himself for our sins and loving us though we could never deserve His love.
    • Ask the Spirit to touch your heart with the Truth of the Gospel, and the understanding of who Jesus was and how His intentional sacrifice for our sins redeemed us.
    • Accept His Love and remember His sacrifice for us. Recognize our dependence on Him, and tell Him you accept His gift of salvation on the cross for your sin.

Share the Good News with those in your life this week! Amen!

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