M3: Day Fourteen

Daily Practice:
Silence & Prayer:

      • Thank Jesus for His patience and loving kindness.
      • Be Quiet for 2 minutes. Invite the Spirit to meet with you.
      • Submit your day and this time of reading and meditation to the Spirit.

Read the Scripture slowly. Remember Christ’s SacrificeJohn 20

Meditate & Pray on key parts of the Scripture that resonated with your soul (5 minutes):

  • Jesus controls when and how Mary Magdalene recognizes Him, even though she is searching for Him the entire time.
    • Submit Your Plans and your desires to God. Ask Him to meet with you, and recognize He will meet with you on His terms. Think of ways to create silence and solitude in your life that will welcome the Spirit in.
  • He displays Himself to the disciples at exactly the right time when their faith was waning and they were hiding in fear.
    • Plead with God to show Himself to you, wherever you are in life currently. Ask Him to demonstrate His love and to make Himself real and known to you.
  • The whole purpose of the Gospel was for His glory and for our faith. God had this book written to draw us to Jesus, acknowledge our need of Him, and accept His forgiveness for salvation in Christ alone.
    • Accept His Gift of salvation. Repent for your sins and cast them at the foot of the cross. Praise Him for His gift of love and salvation!

Have a great Tuesday!!

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