M3: Day Fifteen

Daily Practice:
Silence & Prayer:

      • Thank Jesus for His patience and loving kindness.
      • Be Quiet for 2 minutes. Invite the Spirit to meet with you.
      • Submit your day and this time of reading and meditation to the Spirit.

Read Today’s Scripture John 21

Meditate & Pray on key parts of the Scripture that resonated with your soul (5 minutes):

  • Jesus overflows with love for His followers all the way up until he leaves them again (and He still does today)
    • Thank Jesus  for blessing you and showing you gracious love for no other reason other than the kindness He holds for you. Recognize Jesus’ love and acts of blessing in your life.
  • To Jesus, Peter’s love is demonstrated by obeying His commands, loving the believers around Peter, and sharing the Gospel with them.
    • Submit Yourself to God’s work and allow Him to use you for the purpose of His Gospel. Consider who you can share The Way with, and ask the Spirit to prepare your heart to walk in humility and love with the people around you.
  • Jesus has a plan and a path that He has marked for each of our lives. No two are the same. His love and grace manifest themselves differently in each individual believer’s life.
    • Embrace God’s Plan for your life. He has called and prepared you uniquely for the path in life He has for you. Embrace every obstacle, relationship, or situation you are in and commit to using your life for His glory.

“Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen!

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